Cancer research has undergone an astonishing revolution. Thanks to recent advances, we can envision a future where most cancers will be treated like chronic conditions managed with biologically driven treatments based on a patient’s detailed genetic information. This includes the mutations driving their cancer, all possible ways of blocking tumor growth, and predictions of how the tumor may become drug resistant.

Since the Broad’s founding in 2004, the Cancer Program has played a central role in driving this revolution in understanding cancer. The program deploys the institute’s powerful capabilities in investigating genes and potential therapeutic targets. Our research is rigorously systematic and comprehensive, and we work closely with the community of cancer researchers across the Boston ecosystem and beyond. Ongoing cancer research projects for which we are seeking philanthropic partners include:

  • Developing comprehensive strategies to overcome cancer drug resistance, systematically identify and de-risk new targets for therapeutic development, and tackle other challenges.

  • Developing more faithful disease models and making advanced cancer models compatible with new screening methods, and deploying these models to discover new biological insights.

  • Discovering and de-risking drug leads for difficult-to-treat cancers.

  • Empowering patients to share their genomic and other health information to accelerate research.

  • Pioneering new diagnostic technologies, including less invasive techniques such as blood biopsies.

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