Biological Engineering

Since our founding, the Broad has led efforts to develop the breakthrough technologies and methods that are driving the genomic revolution in medicine. From new software to DNA sample preparation to genome-editing tools, the Broad seeks to develop innovative technologies and methods that deliver new capabilities to the entire scientific community.

We are continually developing new processes, improving existing ones, and implementing early access to our portfolio of technologies. We aim to make the best technology accessible to scientists, as early as we possibly can.

To date, our researchers have created genome-engineering tools to precisely test genetic hypotheses in living cells. We have developed the world’s leading analytical software for and large-scale databases of genome sequences, human genetic variation, disease genes and cellular responses.

We are also advancing an exciting genome-engineering method called CRISPR/Cas9, which has proven to be incredibly accurate and precise. Led by Feng Zhang, an early pioneer in CRISPR, our researchers are now exploring the method’s therapeutic possibilities. If successful, they could usher in a new era of gene therapy that is far more effective than earlier attempts.

We are seeking philanthropic partners in the following projects:

  • Developing ways to automate and miniaturize processes, and thus accelerate research.

  • Developing and implementing more breakthrough methods to study cells one at a time.

  • Developing new methods for editing the genome and transcriptome (the complete set of RNA), and expanding our ability to zero in on biological targets in health and disease.

News coverage on our engineering projects