Our success rests on our single greatest resource: the people who make up the Broad community. From seasoned primary investigators to undergraduates, we are firmly committed to helping our researchers at all stages of their careers and empowering them to pursue their most ambitious projects.

The Broad invests in its scientists in a number of ways, including research grants, seed funding, fellowships, and scholarship programs. Initial funding by the Broad has led to important breakthroughs in cancer, single-cell sequencing methods, and psychiatric genetics, and helped establish the careers of talented young scientists.

We are currently seeking philanthropic partners in the following projects and programs:

Recruiting Junior Core Faculty Members: the Broad’s Core Faculty Members run laboratories that help make up the backbone of the institute. We seek to recruit new junior Core Faculty Members and be able to provide them with adequate support for their Broad-related research and activities.

Scholars Program: Collaboration is fundamental to the Broad. We were founded on the belief that we can dramatically accelerate the pace of scientific progress by fostering collaborations between scientists, laboratories, and institutions around the world. In order to nurture this unique environment, we wish to provide dedicated funding for senior Broad members for projects with a highly collaborative aspect.

Postdoctoral fellowships: At the Broad, we are committed to investing in the brightest young scientific minds. We seek to expand our postdoctoral fellowships to cover a wider range of disciplines and research areas.

Harvard MD/PhD students at the Broad: Harvard Medical School MD-PhD students spend 7 to 9 years of rigorous training to become excellent physicians and scientists. By training in both medicine and research, they are uniquely positioned to make a difference for patients. Many undertake their research training at Broad Institute labs. Support for these students to complete their medical studies will provide them an unmatched opportunity to conduct innovative research that transcends disciplines and technologies. Broad’s MD-PhD students go on to become biomedical leaders throughout the Boston community and beyond.

Seed/Pilot Funding for Early-Stage Science: The biggest breakthroughs in science come from the most creative, ambitious, and risk-taking ideas. In the current funding landscape, though, researchers are finding it increasingly difficult to find funding for these ideas. The Broad, however, is ready to take a bet on these ideas. We are deeply committed to nurturing early-stage ideas across our community by providing seed funding through the Scientific Projects to Accelerate Research (SPARC) program and the newly launched BroadIgnite fund.

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