Transformative science depends on taking big risks on new ideas. And, as the history of science has shown, it’s often scientists at the early stages of their careers who have the creativity and drive to conceive of and pursue the most game-changing innovations.

Broad Institute is strongly committed to empowering bright young scientists to pursue their biggest and boldest ideas. In September 2014, the institute launched BroadIgnite, a program that directly connects emerging philanthropists with the future stars of biomedicine.

BroadIgnite invests in early-career scientists, trainees, and software engineers who are involved in pioneering—and high-risk— projects, which they would otherwise face challenges in funding. BroadIgnite is an early investment in a scientist’s career, akin to angel investing to support promising projects in their earliest stages.

The program also provides supporters with a unique, front-row view of cutting-edge biomedical research with an opportunity to meet with scientists. We hold campus visits, dinners, and other gatherings to foster a cross-pollination of ideas between our philanthropic partners and scientists.

We invite you to consider partnering with us in seeding the next generation of scientific visionaries.