Meet Our Researchers

Mehrtash Babadi

Associate Director of Machine Learning, Data Sciences Platform, Broad Institute

Mehrtash Babadi leads a team that uses advanced statistical methods from data science to illuminate disease mechanisms.

Project Description

New molecular imaging technologies have made many exciting discoveries possible in recent years—from the structures of proteins and drug targets involved in cancer to how SARS-CoV-2 binds to human cells. However, current techniques often don’t scale well, and therefore, can’t measure the large number of molecules required to investigate the toughest questions about diseases such as schizophrenia or diabetes. With BroadIgnite support, Mehrtash will explore ways to resolve this limitation using machine learning and new molecular barcoding techniques. Ultimately, he aims to develop a method that can simultaneously profile the complete microscopic state of thousands of cells, at single-molecule resolution, much more quickly and efficiently than current methods.